DJ & Pupu

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Agus & Suan

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Agung & Elis: Part II

The wedding is coming. Many things must be prepared well. “It’s so tired”, she said. Continue reading “Agung & Elis: Part II”

Wahyu & Tartik

Decided to wander far away from their home. Both of them made a big decision in spite of less preparation. With a big dream and a great love, they braved to enter the door beyond. “As long as you are still by my side, I am still brave to reach our dream” Continue reading “Wahyu & Tartik”

Gun & Is

My lovely moment is captured. My best shoot, the place and the suit would create the harmony. The color of gold and black looks elegant and simple. Every item, pose, place can show their happiness to start a new page in their life. Continue reading “Gun & Is”

Mardika & Surya

Intimate couple who met as teacher and student. What a delightful love story till they were going to marry, they look so happy. The girl was complaining that her husband can’t smile for their photo session. Finally, he would try to do that and…he said “It is so hard, more than examination”. A little smile meant the biggest love. Continue reading “Mardika & Surya”