Rudi & Riski

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DJ & Pupu

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Sigita Šica

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Meneer & Madame Asti

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Candrawan & Tia

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Gede & Budiartini

In spite of his sleepy, he went to dress up him self just for following his lovely wife to take some pictures before their wedding. Wish the great for you two. Continue reading “Gede & Budiartini”

Agus & Lusi

“Love” the word meant something you find without seeking. “Love” the word meant something you feel sometimes you don’t know. “Love” the word meant everything dependwhat you feel. Togetherness, understanding each other, sincerity, those the way how to feel, discover it. The man said, “I’ve wondered you’re agree or not, I would take some pictures of us before we marry, our moment before we open for new page of our life, before we are getting old, before…”. Suddenly his girl stop him while rub his lip, and said, “before all of them, and after all of them, I love you still, I will be agree of yours in every single step, ever after”. Continue reading “Agus & Lusi”

Gun & Is

My lovely moment is captured. My best shoot, the place and the suit would create the harmony. The color of gold and black looks elegant and simple. Every item, pose, place can show their happiness to start a new page in their life. Continue reading “Gun & Is”

Gung De & Elis

Attractive young girl with elegant face wanna find her last destiny in her life. “I have been confused where I have to look, I don’t see he is nearby or far away…”. Firstly, she decided and approved my request to make her being my new dress model. One of her friend, a man would be a volunteer for being a model for Balinese suit in fact we need one more, so he asked me to make him a model too. The closeness, intimate poses made a different sense of chemistry. “Maybe he is the one, the man I look for”. Finally, here she is, We are waiting for the next step, for this unexpected moment both of you made. Continue reading “Gung De & Elis”